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Debt Is The Worst Form Of Poverty

Founding fathers warned us of accumulated debt and of consequences which follow when undisciplined debt restricts sound policy decisions.

Currently, our federal government owes $16 trillion with no plan of debt reduction.  In fact, plans are underway to borrow and spend more of your tax dollars.

Oklahoma has a balanced budget amendment, but is $19 billion in debt using smoke and mirror appropriations and bond indebtedness.  There are no plans to reduce the magnitude of government and pay down the debt. Continue reading Debt Is The Worst Form Of Poverty

Random Thought

I could not help but laugh after reading the Governor’s press release on  funding for a Capitol Fitness Center.

Years ago we were sold the presumption of a tobacco tax which would be distributed to the states as a punitive measure on tobacco companies for their role in marketing cigarettes to an ignorant consumer on the dangers of tobacco use. 

We were led to believe this money would be for education programs to discourage smoking and treatment of those with tobacco related illness. Continue reading Random Thought

Will We End The Lunacy?

Mothers don’t always know what nutritional needs are best for their children with respect to packing a school lunch for the child’s school day.

This week a North Carolina mother – believing she had packed a nutritious and palatable lunch – sent her four year old to school with a turkey and cheese sandwich, apple juice, banana and chips lunch which failed to meet United States Department of Agriculture requirements of one meat, milk, grains and two servings of fruit or vegetables.

The four year old was forced to eat a government approved chicken nugget lunch. Continue reading Will We End The Lunacy?

Lesson of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has taught us much this past football season about ourselves and why we are prone to accept ridicule of faith as normal behavior and expression of faith in public as abnormal.

Coffee shop and cafeteria talk has me believing that too many of you think the Tebow phenomena was about a football player who made it to the “bigs”, but did not quite meet muster to play quarterback  in the NFL.

It is nothing of the sort.  Continue reading Lesson of Tim Tebow

Just Tax It – They Will Pay

There was much talk – both positive and negative – when the city made a decision to build a civic center, library and skate park.  Concerns were expressed by nay-say’ers that funding would not be adequate to sustain payment for the facilities.  Yea-say’ers, pointed to the facilities as a source of pride for the city and the revenue potential that Poteau would benefit from the improvements.

Yea-say’ers, believing the Civic Center would attract Elvis impersonators, conventions and community-based meetings naively promoted the center as an asset that would lead us out of the wilderness of dependency and into the promised land of enlightment. Continue reading Just Tax It – They Will Pay