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dharrisonI have never been willing to accept things the way they are and just live with it.  As a result, I have become increasingly vocal about the current state of our country.  I sincerely believe we have become a morally and fiscally bankrupt country and generally elect people to positions of power who embrace the policy of “act concerned, tell a lie an do nothing.”

I believe America has accepted state socialism and is unaware they have done so or of the consequences which will follow

I am fiercely independent, a capitalist, pro-constitution and love my freedom.  I do not need government to manage my life…I can do less harm without their interference…thank you.

Now that I am retired, I must keep myself busy and I do so with my writing, small pig farm and country wood crafts.  My wife and granddaughter help with the pigs and crafts.

I will try to write articles which reflect my opinions and expose those people who I believe are harming America.

Pray hard and I hope you enjoy.

I am dharrison.



Random Thoughts

thCA3TI4N6General Petraeus is telling us that action is necessary in Syria, but was unwilling to use force against Islamist in Benghazi, Libya while Americans were being murdered. Petraeus, while CIA Director, also participated in the fabrication of talking points to mislead (lie) Americans about the Benghazi debacle. Can anyone explain to me why Petraeus can be trusted to give advice on any issue?

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Will 2014 Be Better Than 2013?

dharrisonWell…..2014 is here and none too soon. Tea Party’ers predicted a disastrous 2013 and our leaders did not disappoint.

Yeah…2013 had a little of everything. Had you been paying attention, you learned the NSA was collecting and storing information about you – just as Tea Party’ers have warned since the Bush administration. Not to worry however, our leaders – fearing discovery of what has been kept secret –
have promised to scale back surveillance of American citizens and focus on threats to America. In light of the announcement this week that “test” drone surveillance will begin in five states, I am skeptical of their promise. LeFlore County got lucky – no drones. You need not worry that the feds will turn you in to the Commissioners for exceeding your trash bag limit at the dumpster. You might have to worry however about the hidden redneck deer camera at taxpayer subsidized dump sites watching you. Continue reading

Tea Party – Can They Ever Be Relevant?

dharrisonI have had this discussion numerous times at coffee shops and lunch tables as to the effect of Tea Party support for a candidate and nearly always what I perceived as the better candidate – principled, free markets, constitutional, rugged individualism and defense of liberty – losses to a compromised progressive Republican in the primary election.

It is easy to understand why the progressive Democrats or progressive Republicans – the D.C. brokers of power and corruption – would choose to support policies that grow and expand the size and scope of government.  Make no mistake, candidates understand that most of America is willing to trade candy store goodies for a vote……ensuring re-election and membership in the D.C. good ole boys and girls club. Continue reading

Agenda 21 – AKA – Sustainable Development

dharrisonSustainable development is a plan adopted by the United Nations to fundamentally change the behavior of humans for the purpose of incorporating economic and environmental guidelines to achieve social equity, redistribution of wealth and biodiversity perpetuation.

A 1987 report (Our Common Future) by Gro Harland Brundtland – VP of the World Socialist Party – first mentioned the term Sustainable Development in a report produced by The United Nations World Commission on Environmental and Development. Sustainable Development became official UN policy (1992) with a document called UN Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, today known as Agenda 21. Continue reading

Republican Humor – Hillary Is Going To Testify Wednesday

untitledJanuary 23rd is the awaited day for Hillary to tell us what happened when four Americans were murdered in Benghazi

Some of you will remember that this Administration attempted to cover-up a terrorist attack on our consulate a week before the election with a concocted lie by many of the most powerful departments in our government including our: President, State Department, National Security Advisor, Defense Department, CIA, United Nations Ambassador and the dweebs who are spokespersons for the departments including a White House Press Secretary and complicit media hell-bent on seeing that President Obama be re-elected. Continue reading

Republican Humor – We’ll Begin Reducing Spending In Three Months

dharrisonAfter having failed to prevent out of control spending with their Fiscal Cliff and Sandy Relief posturing and votes, Republicans have adopted a new tactic and plan to extend the debt limit for only three months and give the Democrats time to pass a budget – something they have refused to do for more than 950 days. 

Law requires that a budget be passed every year.

Republicans tell us – once passed – there will be a long term debt limit increase that is tied to spending cuts and should the Democrats fail to do so…..gasp……Congress will receive no pay.

Dr. Dewey thinks it would be wise to pass a budget and spending cuts before debt limit increases to determine the amount of money actually needed for running the country, but President Obama, who wants unlimited budget authority, says we are on the road to recovery and there is no spending problem.  From what I have observed, Republicans agree and plan to help the President increase the debt from $16 trillion to $20 trillion. 

Pray hard!…….submitted by dharrison


Those Who Dare To Solve The Problem – We Must Rid Ourselves Of Cole And Lucas

Oklahoma House members voted on a Sandy relief package larded with pork and no budget offsets……..meaning more waste, debt, borrowing and spending by Congress.

Oklahoma legislators who could say no to business as usual were Congressmen Bridenstine, Mullin and Lankford.

Those Oklahoma Congressmen who voted yes to continue the path of waste, debt, borrow and spend were Lucas and Cole, two Oklahoma Congressmen who believe the same as President Obama……. there is no spending problem in Congress.  Both have made a career of credit card economics to expand the scope and size of government.

We must clean up our own house before we can clean up the White House.  We must rid ourselves of Lucas and Cole.

Yep….Just As I Thought….We will have To Wait Until The Next Cliff Crisis For John And Mitch To Save The Day

dharrisonJust as promised, I am back to report if any of the pork was stripped from the Sandy relief package and the news is not good.  Just as there was increased spending, new taxes and debt in the fiscal cliff vote, there is increased spending and debt in the Sandy bill.  Both are larded with pork.

No pork was stripped from the Sandy or Fiscal Cliff legislation.

Both passed easily with bipartisan support of Congress.  The Sandy relief package passed today in the house with a vote of 241 – 180 and now goes to the Senate for approval.  Little opposition is expected in the Senate.

Oklahoma votes will be posted when available. 

Now Republicans – after having postured, but relented to President Obama’s demands on both the Fiscal Cliff and Sandy legislation – are ready to move on to a new challenge and use their clout to prevent the President and Progressives from extending the debt limit without spending cuts.

We are told by establishment pundits that Boehner and McConnell now have leverage with the tax issue  behind us and we can get down to the business of restoring American values of free markets, individual responsibility, Constitutional law and freedom.

I have my doubts that Boehner and McConnell are up to the task of promoting and articulating the politics of conservative Americans.  Both have made a career of credit card economics to expand the size and scope of government.

Of course, Republicans in Congress, do not share my point of view, having re-elected Boehner and McConnell to their leadership posts. 

Readers, we are in trouble and the people leading our side of the discussion have little interest in resolving the issues to restore the values which once identified us as American.

We’re in big trouble……pray hard!

Submitted by dharrison.


Gun Control – Guest Commentary

I have mixed emotions on the subject of gun control and gun violence.

I am the owner of an AK-47.  I’m told an AK-47 is the most popular rifle in the world because it is lite-weight, easy to carry, accurate and uses inexpensive ammunition.  I use my AK-47 for deer hunting.

I would gladly give up my gun and buy another gun for hunting if I was convinced that we could end the gun violence madness with a ban on assault type guns and limiting magazine clip size. 

I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, but it appears to me that limiting certain types of guns or even confiscating all guns would only create an underground element which would control the sale and distribution of guns.

History is on my side with this line of reasoning.  Consider our current war on drugs and the prohibition of liquor in the early 1900’s.  Both  created  criminal underground elements as a result of our efforts to curb drugs and alcohol.  America has used all resources at hand to stem the drug problem and after years of fighting the the war on drugs, we are no closer to solving the drug problem than we were in the 60’s. Crime bosses became rich and famous during the prohibition era.  Only legalization could prevent the criminal underground element of  alcohol sales.  

Just a question…. would we win the criminal war on pot if we legalized pot?  History says yes.

Would my fellow Christians vote to restore prohibition against alcohol, drive it underground, give control back to the criminals, place everybody that drinks under arrest and send them to jail for possession of alcohol.

I certainly would not vote to do so, but because of evolved hyprocrisy in America, I might temporarily enjoy witnessing  feigned outrage  by citizens. 

We must ask ourselves.  What would be the short and long term consequences of disarming law abiding citizens in America where only the government and criminals would have guns? I find the scenario scary.

Would not criminal activity thrive even more in a disarmed America?  Would not a weapons black market flourish in a unarmed America?  Would not cherished freedoms be threatened in a gun free America?  Would we be ushering in an era of suicide bombers with gun control?

A cursory search of countries with gun bans would answer these questions for you.

Perhaps some communities do need armed guards in their schools to protect children.  However, the war on alcohol did not prevent alcohol abuse; the war on drugs did not prevent drug use and we are kidding ourselves – if we choose to believe – the war on guns will  prevent violence.

Those of you who know me,  understand that I am not promoting alcohol and drugs.  Nor am I promoting the criminal use of guns.  Each is here to stay and I wanted to express my opinion of what I believe is the most sensible way to live with them.

I know there will be no perfect peace until the Prince of Peace returns.  I hope and pray that we are smart enough to use the common sense given to us by God.

Submitted by Roger Harrison…….younger brother to dharrison.