About Me

dharrisonI have never been willing to accept things as they are and just live with it.  As a result, I have become increasingly vocal about the current train wreck our country is facing.  I sincerely believe we have become a morally and fiscally bankrupt country and generally elect people to positions of power who embrace the policy of “act concerned, tell a lie and do nothing.”

I believe America has embraced state socialism and is unaware they have done so.  Nor, are we aware of the consequences which will incrementally follow.

I am fiercely independent, a capitalist, pro-constitution and love my freedom.  I do not need government to manage my life…I can do less harm without their interference…thank you.

Now that I am retired, I must keep myself busy and I do so with my writing, small pig farm and country wood crafts.  My wife and granddaughter help with the pigs and crafts.

I will try to write articles which reflect my opinions and expose those people who I believe are harming America.

Pray hard and I hope you enjoy.

I am dharrison.

Patriotism at a Price?

 I’m sitting here watching the pre-race festivities of the Indy 500 on this Memorial Day weekend. I want to be positive about sporting events honoring veterans and especially those veterans who have paid the supreme price, but following last weeks revelation that some National Football League teams participated in veteran activities because they were paid to do so has me believing other sporting events will later be exposed as having done the same.

I’m not going to quit watching football, nor am I suggesting that you do, but I wish millions of e-mails would flood the commissioners office explaining this practice is offensive to some veterans. Continue reading Patriotism at a Price?

Random Thoughts

Well, I have been busy. The baby pigs and chickens are here. Midwife Tom calls them piglets. I guess any day now he will call the chicks chick-lets. It’s amazing how animals are protective of their own from birth to death. The human animal could learn a few things from observing other animals.

Could anything good emerge from the Baltimore riots? Yep, one mother found the courage to intervene – using force – and remove her son from the rioters. I can only hope her son was appreciative this Mother’s Day and this woman is named “Mother of the Year.” Continue reading Random Thoughts

Transparency Query

courthouseIt was October of 2011 when a group of about 40 concerned citizens, acting on a disturbing financial audit by the State Auditor’s office, questioned county commissioners concerning the audit. Clarification of the audit was sought from State Auditor and Inspector, Gary Jones, before confronting commissioners, which prompted a visit to Poteau by Jones. Jones made clear he could only perform the audit and did not have enforcement authority, but left town telling the folks of LeFlore County there was a problem in the courthouse. Continue reading Transparency Query

When Will The Madness Stop?

Hope you had a blessed Easter.

I am reminded of the story of Dwight Michael Evans – nicknamed “Dewey.” Dwight Evans was a very good baseball player for the Boston Red Sox. During his baseball career he amassed statistics which are among the very best in major league baseball – 272 lifetime batting average, 385 home runs and 2,446 hits. Evans was elected to the Red Sox hall of fame.

Dewey Evans, while proud of his baseball achievements, does not consider his baseball career to be the most important development of his life. Coached by baseball great Ted Williams, Evans was often at odds with Williams because he believed there were more important things in life than baseball – his faith. Evans, a Christian, gives testimony of his blessings and teaches the honor of faith. Continue reading When Will The Madness Stop?

The Tale of Two Boys

They were born continents apart. Separated by two oceans, our two young boys would grow to be admired men with considerable influence in world affairs. Both would become the elected leader of their birth country and each would be elected to a 2nd term. However, distrust between the two has engineered hostile debate in both countries concerning negotiations by the United States with Iran. Continue reading The Tale of Two Boys

Somebody has to say it

dharrisonOklahoma University and its brand have been tarnished. Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat boys engaged in a racist chant laced with the N word that was caught on video. OU President, David Boren acted swiftly and harshly to demonstrate that racist conduct would not be tolerated on the OU campus. Thus far, two students have been expelled, the fraternity house has been closed and all fraternity members living in the frat house have been evicted. Boren, not only punished the ring leaders, he also chose to punish fraternity members who may not have been involved in the racist behavior.

I think we can all agree the behavior was repulsive. However, was Boren fair and consistent with the swift punishment meted out to the fraternity. You decide the fairness, I’ll discuss the consistency. Continue reading Somebody has to say it

Constitutional Frauds

thCA16DJWNArticle 6 (Debts, Supremacy, Oaths) of the Constitution requires that all federal government employees take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States – found in Article 6 of the Constitution as follows: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States. Continue reading Constitutional Frauds

Snooker 101

220px-Mitch_McConnell_official_portrait_112th_CongressBecause 60 votes are needed to cut off debate or a filibuster, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, was unable to force a vote on a republican house bill to limit Homeland Security’s ability to fund President Obama’s amnesty program – described by republicans and President Obama as unlawful and unconstitutional.

McConnell chose to surrender the cause rather than do battle with democrats; breaking a promise with voters to use every possible legal remedy to reign in the President’s overreach of constitutional authority. Options other than surrender were available. Continue reading Snooker 101

Potomac Fever

Markwayne MullinHe was a young man; a youthful plumber from Westville who had just trounced a crowded field of republicans to win the primary. He had earned the right to face a democrat with connections to Poteau for the congressional seat being vacated by Dan Boren – and win he did.

I had attached my wagon to a horse from the Naval Academy who had international experience. After licking my wounds, I made a decision to vote for the starched shirt and jeaned plumber from Westville. He had a dislike for suits. He seemed a better fit for this capitalist than the government attorney from Poteau. Continue reading Potomac Fever

Random Shots at Global Warming Alarmist

dharrisonGuys, you’re winning the debate! Just this week I read that 77 percent of Americans favor government action on climate change. And….I think you’re going to win that battle too. This week also brought us a snow storm forecast which both you’re guys and my guys said would be historic. Oops…didn’t happen. Now, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but how can anyone predict an epic snow storm of historical magnitude before the storm? I would think it necessary to wait until after the storm to measure the historical impact, but then, what do I know. Continue reading Random Shots at Global Warming Alarmist