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dharrisonI have never been willing to accept things as they are and just live with it.  As a result, I have become increasingly vocal about the current train wreck our country is facing.  I sincerely believe we have become a morally and fiscally bankrupt country and generally elect people to positions of power who embrace the policy of “act concerned, tell a lie and do nothing.”

I believe America has embraced state socialism and is unaware they have done so.  Nor, are we aware of the consequences which will incrementally follow.

I am fiercely independent, a capitalist, pro-constitution and love my freedom.  I do not need government to manage my life…I can do less harm without their interference…thank you.

Now that I am retired, I must keep myself busy and I do so with my writing, small pig farm and country wood crafts.  My wife and granddaughter help with the pigs and crafts.

I will try to write articles which reflect my opinions and expose those people who I believe are harming America.

Pray hard and I hope you enjoy.

I am dharrison.

Somebody has to say it

dharrisonOklahoma University and its brand have been tarnished. Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat boys engaged in a racist chant laced with the N word that was caught on video. OU President, David Boren acted swiftly and harshly to demonstrate that racist conduct would not be tolerated on the OU campus. Thus far, two students have been expelled, the fraternity house has been closed and all fraternity members living in the frat house have been evicted. Boren, not only punished the ring leaders, he also chose to punish fraternity members who may not have been involved in the racist behavior.

I think we can all agree the behavior was repulsive. However, was Boren fair and consistent with the swift punishment meted out to the fraternity. You decide the fairness, I’ll discuss the consistency. Continue reading

Constitutional Frauds

thCA16DJWNArticle 6 (Debts, Supremacy, Oaths) of the Constitution requires that all federal government employees take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States – found in Article 6 of the Constitution as follows: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States. Continue reading

Snooker 101

220px-Mitch_McConnell_official_portrait_112th_CongressBecause 60 votes are needed to cut off debate or a filibuster, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, was unable to force a vote on a republican house bill to limit Homeland Security’s ability to fund President Obama’s amnesty program – described by republicans and President Obama as unlawful and unconstitutional.

McConnell chose to surrender the cause rather than do battle with democrats; breaking a promise with voters to use every possible legal remedy to reign in the President’s overreach of constitutional authority. Options other than surrender were available. Continue reading

Potomac Fever

Markwayne MullinHe was a young man; a youthful plumber from Westville who had just trounced a crowded field of republicans to win the primary. He had earned the right to face a democrat with connections to Poteau for the congressional seat being vacated by Dan Boren – and win he did.

I had attached my wagon to a horse from the Naval Academy who had international experience. After licking my wounds, I made a decision to vote for the starched shirt and jeaned plumber from Westville. He had a dislike for suits. He seemed a better fit for this capitalist than the government attorney from Poteau. Continue reading

Random Shots at Global Warming Alarmist

dharrisonGuys, you’re winning the debate! Just this week I read that 77 percent of Americans favor government action on climate change. And….I think you’re going to win that battle too. This week also brought us a snow storm forecast which both you’re guys and my guys said would be historic. Oops…didn’t happen. Now, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but how can anyone predict an epic snow storm of historical magnitude before the storm? I would think it necessary to wait until after the storm to measure the historical impact, but then, what do I know. Continue reading

Tell Dewey It Ain’t So Joe

Le Flore County’s longtime treasurer, Joe Wiles, has been accused in a state audit of falsifying travel claims 12 times in the past three years.

The loss to the county was $2,942, the state auditor and inspector, Gary Jones, reported Friday.

“We were kind of tipped off,” Jones told The Oklahoman.

Wiles has been county treasurer for 10 years and has had personal financial problems recently. He filed a bankruptcy petition in June.

He denied wrongdoing.

“No, sir,” Wiles told The Oklahoman Friday when asked in a brief telephone interview if he had filed false claims. He declined further comment.

Jones recommended in the audit that the district attorney “review this finding to determine the necessary action to be taken.” Le Flore County District Attorney Jeff Smith said Friday he is asking the attorney general to find another district attorney to review the evidence.

The state auditor reported the county treasurer collected mileage reimbursement 10 times for travel to training classes in 2012 and 2014 he did not attend. The auditor reported the treasurer collected mileage reimbursement two times for travel to a 2014 conference he did not attend.

The audit looked into Wiles’ travel claims between Jan. 1, 2012, to Sept. 14, 2014. He submitted 33 claims in all in that time period.

Jones said the treasurer had asked somebody to sign him in at a conference he was not attending.

“The guy said, ‘Be sure you sign in.’ And she didn’t do it,” Jones said. “Afterward she said, ‘You know, I got to thinking about this. This is wrong.’ And so, she notified us and we took it from there.”

The Le Flore County district attorney chose not to review the evidence himself because he advises the treasurer on county issues and because his wife is an employee of that office.

“I want to avoid any appearance of impropriety or favoritism,” Smith said.

The auditor also reported that the treasurer, during an interview in October 2013 about duplicate payments to vendors, retrieved two refund checks from under his desk calendar. The checks were for $4,738 and $2,163.

“At that time, the treasurer stated he did not know how to proceed with the refund checks,” the auditor reported. “Checks that are not restrictively endorsed for deposit only and that can be accessed by anyone are easily susceptible to theft.”

In bankruptcy paperwork last year, Wiles reported having $281,150 in assets and $300,107 in liabilities.

Source: Daily Oklahoman    http://newsok.com/le-flore-county-treasurer-filed-false-travel-claims-oklahoma-state-auditor-reports/article/5383400


Hoodie Mania

dharrisonI could not help but chuckle concerning the proposed “hoodie” legislation which has surfaced the past 30 days. I first noticed the blurb on one of the national online newspapers with the immediate reaction of “what idiot northeast state would pass this legislation?” Unfortunately, the state is us and the “Grubered idiots” are us.

I first looked to make certain it was not one of our LeFlore County representatives – whew! were safe, it’s a guy named Don Barrington from Lawton. Next, I checked to determine if an ivy league carpetbagger made his way to Oklahoma and had embedded himself in the legislature – safe again.

Who is Don Barrington? Continue reading

What Hath 2014 Wrought?

dharrisonJust sitting here waiting for the next holiday season football game to begin and I ask myself, “did anything significant happen in 2014?” Now, what I deem significant, you might find trivial. But…

Trey Gowdy, a pesky republican from Georgia was handed the reins of power to uncover the truth of Benghazi. Republicans, who have determined that Americans cannot handle the truth – you thought that was John Gruber didn’t you? – cut Gowdy off at the knees by declaring there was no wrong doing at Benghazi and paving the way for a Hillary run at Commander in Chief. However, she deserves some credit. She has been able to whitewash everything from White Water, bimbo eruptions, state department failures and Benghazi. Heck, by 2016, she will have morphed into Mother Teresa. Continue reading

It Began as Global Cooling

Part One – Global Warming began as Global Cooling
***Some thoughts about climate change after reading S. Fred Singer’s article “Cause of Pause in Global Warming” PDN, Jan. 1, 2015

The 70’s were a curious time. The first half of the decade was spent trying to extricate ourselves from Vietnam while embracing a Woodstock generation mindset and ridding ourselves of a disgraced President, yet the last half initially seemed full of promise.

It was revival time in America. The 60’s and early 70’s had brought us war, civil unrest, and a polarized nation. Images of our boys doing battle in the jungles each evening was nearly always followed by scenes of “make love, not war” peaceniks in protest of the war. The public had tired of America’s longest-ever war (Vietnam, but now Afghanistan). Congress responded. The people who put us into war, managed the war and lost the war, surrendered the war to save their esteemed seats in Congress. Vietnam veterans returning home found prayerful mothers and fathers and a generally ungrateful nation, but did their best to integrate themselves back into society – transformed as it was. Continue reading

Echoes of Political Past

dharrisonIt was a troubled roll out of a health care program – the largest entitlement program since the great society. Computer glitches, dropped coverage and confused understanding of the bill caused angst and discouragement among those who were trying to enroll. Supporters of the bill were forced to mount a defense of “fix it, don’t nix it.”

The bill had been particularly difficult to pass. Critics of the bill were saying it was a classic overreach by government and replaces what is an already successful program. One thousand lobbyists had been unleashed , but to no avail. Party opposition to a new government program which would cost taxpayers more than a half-trillion dollars was receiving stiff opposition from legislators who were hearing it from their constituency. Things were getting nasty back home. Continue reading